I consider myself a very sensitive individual over animals and their wellbeing! I will actually shed a tear over dogs and animals more than over humans at times. I’m this person that on a grim, rainy Monday, will rather make a conversation with a dog cause people very often basically suck! Haha!

‘ The more I get to know people, the more I love dogs’- Maria Czubaszek

So I always wanted to have a dog! By the time I was about 10 I knew every dog in the neighbourhood. My Mum always used to say that I’m the ‘dog whisperer’ when they have spotted me they would burst with excitement and so did I. I could go and approach dogs that looked scared or seemed aggressive and they would all turn out friendly and peaceful. My dog love was so huge it was inevitable that I had to have my own at some point!

So about 4 months ago my husband has actually found the perfect cheeky boy for us! We drove to a village near Tipton and basically collected this fella from this lovely family.  He is a cross of a jack russell with a yorkshire terrier. Handsome but a little scruffy,  energetic and cheekily smart and active! His name has been inspred by the famous Penguins of Madagascar character – Rico – ‘Part Tasmanian Devil, part ticking time bomb’ 😉

Rico playing – 10weeks
Rico – 10 weeks

He is this cute face that seems so vulnerable and funny, but he actually has got a strong personality and is very confident. We think that all he’s got from a yorkie is his colour and the hair. Everyhting else screams Jack Russell! He likes chasing seagulls and has got a very strong drive to explore the world. He jumps up very high and can be stubborn and defiant in nature.

Paw paw !
Treat action!!

We have been training him for a while and you can tell he’s a proper terrier, testing us all the time not being able to handle negative reinforcement at all. In fact it fortifies any bad behaviour in him. In addition he’s fearless and loves playing with big Huskies and all sorts of Mastiffs and all sorts of breeds. Pure joy to watch!  Aside from his cheeky nature and the wonderful ability of stealing socks, he is a very loving boy and is growing to be a great companion for us already at 5 months age.

He has lighten our life up so much that Przemek can’t actually believe how much he loves this dog. We could actually talk your ear off about him! (I can literally make a person bored or annoyed LOL!:) Yes we know he is not a baby, but nonetheless he is a creature that’s dependant on us and teaches us how to be a better person because you develop patience and take into account the needs of another living – just like a parent. So he is our fur baby!  And give It a couple of months he might be getting a fur baby brother or sister! You never know with the two of us 😉

Always be the kind of person, your dog thinks you are!xxx