“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” – H.Thoreau, Walden

So our beloved season of summer has now left us and it’s gone a little colder, darker and a lot less green. Changes are coming and soon all the lovely red and orange leaves will disappear to show off the tree skeletons that seem so very cold and lonely during winter.

This year’s summer was all about our trip to Italy, taking long walks with our dog Rico and shooting outdoors and indoors as much as we could.

On one of our jogging ‘dog walking’ afternoons
Monika’s flowery portrait
Capture by my Husband in Portwrinkle UK
This maternity photoshoot!!

Back  in In June during our trip to the amazing italian island – Sardinia. There would be nothing special about it, just another holiday, except for the fact that we were blessed to stay in a place where Italian’s usually spend their time off during summer. So very niche, without any tourists just Italian families.

The Apartments
what else is there!?
cup of espresso
Golden light in the living room
Sunset from the balcony

We stayed in the superb Sajaga Brujada Apartments in the heart of Porto Rotondo, this small but kind of posh port town between the Gulf of Cugnana and Marinella. We got to see the best of the emerald waters – Costa Smeralda Coast and because everything was within 2-3 hours driving distance from us that side of the island, we have visited a lot of the pre-planned destinations which was awesome! We travelled all the way from Porto Rotondo to Olbia, beaches of San Teodoro, Marinella, Spiaggia del Principe and Capriccioli. We have stopped in Porto Cervo briefly only,  as this was a bigger port. The most exciting boat trip was from Palau to La Maddalena town and the Maddalena Archipelago located between Sardinia and French Corsica,  with the unhabited islands of Spiaggia Rosa, Spiaggia Santa Maria and Caprera Island with the emerald colours I’ve never seen before!

La Maddalena Cruise
Spiaggia del Principe
La Maddalena
Marinella Beach
Approaching Costa Smeralda ( The Emerald Coast)
La Maddalena Island from the boat
Street view

We have also eaten a lot of local food and did some shopping which are the two favourite things to do, especially when in Italy. I must say Sardinia is not the cheapest. There are a lot of elderly couples everywhere that look very wealthy and very sun-tanned 🙂 Yachts are docked everywhere and it doesn’t look tacky at all, there is a certain style to it and I guess it’s the ‘italiano stile’ that brings a certain class to everything. No matter if it’s a ‘simple’ pasta dish, a garment or a glass of wine. Italian style in general is all about quality.

Porto Rotondo butique
Porto Rotondo Boats and yachts !
Porto Cervo Yachts
Hard Cheese selection
Italian coffee moment
Our favorites!

Italians seem very much close to us mentally and they are so proud and at times blunt due to the fact that you are not communicating using proper Italian. Generally despite of the financial crisis in places, Italy seems like a great place to live at least for retirement or else if you have a decent budget, an idea for a business or family there. Having visited this amazing island the way we did, we realized very quickly this will be our destination to pop in every so often for holiday but also one day to live stay there a little longer. This would involve polishing my Italian a little though.

So anyway, when we came back re-charged from the Italian land and back to ‘real life’ we carried on our puppy classes with Rico and walked long distances everywhere is Saltram, Central Park and Dartmoor Park wanting to continue his socialization with other dogs and people. We have forgotten the gym a little this summer as the weather was simply to nice and I have learned not to waste a sunny day in UK as it might not happen two days in a row! 🙂

Portwrinkle, UK
Sun Bathing near the house, Manadon, UK
All about Rico