Now it’s time to grab a sweater and a pair of long pants—autumn has arrived! Pumpkins and apples have replaced berries and melons. No more ice-cream in the fridge-freezer for a while. The season of change brings an inevitable nip to the air. The period of transition between summer and winter came to be known as “harvest.” A Latin word, first appeared in English in the late 14th century, and gradually gained on “harvest.” In the 17th century, “fall” came into use, almost certainly as a poetic complement to “spring,” according to “Folk Taxonomies in Early English” by Earl R. Anderson.

Even though we are both born in the winter months, we are definitely ‘stenothermal’ individuals. And while drinking warm tea, porto or mulled wine under a blanket while it’s raining outside definitely sounds tempting. The long warm nights and sunburnt nose full of freckles is our kind of thing! When living in UK where the weather is generally mild and wet, we always yearn for that, missing the sun and looking forward to another trip to recharge the baterries and fuel our wanderlust.



Autumnal Philosophy and symbolism

So in the Chinese tradition, the autumn season is associated with the color white, the sound of weeping, the emotions of both courage and sadness, the lung organ, the metal element, and a white tiger. Autumn is also connected in Chinese thought with the direction west, considered to be the direction of dreams and visions. The Indians on the other hand call fall ‘air’.

Autumn generally symbolises the end of something, the nature sinks in decay giving the world a touch of copper colour. It gives us time to be nostalgic and melancholic and also to find abundance now for the coming winter leaving the careless and full of growth season of summer behind us.

Some visit their close ones at the cemetery for the Sollemnitas Omnium Sanctorum – the All Saints Day, in Poland we do that every  1st day of November. In UK many people celebrate Bon Fire nights to warm their souls up before winter.

“The poet Wallace Stevens once wrote, ‘Death is the mother of beauty.’

Autumn reminds of impermanence and teaches how to find the light in the darkness by balancing it all out.

Why do leaves change color ?

I have also done some research and found out why leaves change color. In response to chilly temperatures and the changes in daylight, leaves stop producing green-tinted chlorophyll, which allows them to capture sunlight and make energy. Because chlorophyll is sensitive to the cold, certain weather conditions like early frosts will turn off production more quickly.


Meanwhile, orange and yellow pigments called carotenoids — also found in orange carrots — shine through the leaves’ washed out green. The red colour in some leaves comes from anthocyanins, which unlike carotenoids, are only produced in the fall, according to the State University of New York College of Environment. They also give colour to strawberries, red apples, and plums.



Ways to deal with the autumn blues and how to spend these dark rainy evenings :

  1. Make sure you get up at least 15 minutes earlier two times a week maybe and practice your favourite yoga or instead try walking your dog earlier or chasing your kid around the house should do it to 🙂
  2. In the afternoon/evening try jogging, gym session or any sport of your preference
  3. Visit the local park and collect some leaves and chestnuts, walk aimlessly it will oxygenate your brain
  4. Sex!!!
  5. Pre winter house cleaning
  6. Open some favorite wine of yours, snug under warm blanket and turn on your favorite music
  7. Embrace the change in you and around you
  8. Plan for Christmas
  9. Let go of the past and open up to what’s coming
  10. Start reading a book you did not have time to read during summer
  11. Watch a film, go to the movies or simply hook up with a friend that you haven’t seen for a while
  12. And finally go out to a restaurant to eat some season veg based meal or try and cook something you always wanted to make ie. pumpkin soup, carrot cake etc
  13. Sign up for an evening course
  14. Go shopping
  15. Take a long warm bath
  16. Try something new for your body i.e. The Wim Hof method (
  17. Organize an autumn party
  18. And most of all understand abundance and smile because you are alive!