I grew up in my late teens watching a lot of ‘Sex and the City’ which is this liberal American series that breaks all the taboo about sex, gender and all sorts of labels related to this. It touches upon the enduring benefits of friendship, the power of love, the importance of self-esteem and the fact than women can have it all in this male orientated world. Back in these days it was considered to be one quite controversial show. I was growing up fascinated by the thought that women could rule the world and always wanted to be this confident woman who knew exactly what she wanted in life.

One question has always bugged my head. Can women actually rule the world?

 Samantha Jones from SATC would actually say’ Of course you can Honey, as long as you have him by the balls, you can rule the world’!



Damn right they can! And according to Forbes  ‘in this year’s ranking there is many new faces that are stepping into power in politics, technology, business, philanthropy and media. That should give everyone hope.

I am not personally calling for ‘Feminism’ but I believe in gender equality.  I do see so many women nowadays that are self-sufficient and burst out with confidence and happy to fearlessly embrace each other and change that comes their way. And I very much admire and learn from them to. But there also these women who are constantly overloaded, overworked, buried with day to day duties that should not be solely theirs, tired continually not being able to believe in themselves and incapable of putting their foot down and say ‘NO’ no matter if it’s a work colleague or a family member.

My advise ?

Well, sometimes Darling you have got to put yourself first!

Sometimes you just have to stop!

I realize it’s easier said than done when you just have to be there for everyone when they need you, your children to pick them up from school, and drive them to a football training, cook dinner, do the washing, clean after dinner, help children with homework etc etc.

With everybody being so busy today you just forget about our own schedule. And again it’s very easy to say for someone without children! I have heard so many opinions that childfree people are just careless and have no real agenda! I cannot describe how it infuriates me! First of all it’s a matter of choice, everything is really all the little decisions we make during the day. We all have this amazing opportunity to design our lifes the way we want!

We prioritize and spend our time doing the things that we consider are the most important and fulfilling. If that’s not the case, we are not living our own lives then!

And we obviously want to do that on a daily basis. From the very moment we decide where we want to be today or in 10 years to come. We may be restrained financially but we should never limit ourselves psychologically.

So what does a strong woman do ?

  • She knows what she wants
  • She speaks her mind
  • She is able to give and receive love
  • She stands up for what she believes in
  • She has a sense of right and wrong
  • She has self-esteem
  • She knows who she is
  • She can be both dependent, independent, and interdependent
  • She can access her wisdom and find balance in life

Women who inspire me

There is so many women who inspire me everyday in many ways. My Mother who is the best person I know. Literally with the purest heart and unbelievable strength. Also my sister in law, so busy with motherhood and work,  so cheerful and always such a positive ray of sunshine. Thare are also girls amongst my colleagues, friends and acquaintances who I admire and get inspired by.

There are also many women who inspire me daily or whose stories are so amazing that it makes you think what kind of woman you are. They motivate or inspire artistically, in sports or business such as: Jen Heward, Martyna Wojciechowska, Maria Czubaszek, Marylin Monroe, Virgina Wolf, Hilary Clinton, Princess Diana and many others.

The SATC ladies Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda despite of the fact that they are imaginary characters are a true reflection of one amazing woman. They are all so different but if put together this is all we ourselves sometimes are, courageous but timid, strong but fragile, witty but sensitive and ambitious but careless.

Negative remarks will make a strong woman determined to become a successful woman!

Strong, independent women are not defined by their circumstances, a strong, independent girl can find the best in her situation and work hard to improve it while retaining her sense of inner strength and ethical values.
Now here comes a challenge, when we women want to be stronger unfortunately the male dominance can be a barrier, it can be your father stopping you from being strong in the name of protecting you from the evil world, it can be your husband on the basis of insecurities, it can be your child on the demand of care, but at the end women have to look after all the circumstances, and have to follow the rules, those rules which have been created to stoop you down.

But no matter what women face every challenge with courage, and smile, we try to convene ourselves to keep going forward no matter how much life threw the storms on us, we try to follow rules and simultaneously follow our heart.

Keep going forward no matter how much life threw the storms on us!

If you are really a strong woman never have expectations from anyone, never neglect your health, love and be loved,  take your decision by your own, don’t be around negative people or never stay long in a toxic relationship, nothing is more worth than you and you have only one life to live enjoy and achieve success. So ladies being a woman are the greatest power just you need to be you..

‘Dont forget to fall in love with yourself first‘ – Carrie Bradshaw

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