Here we are again! The 2017 is coming to and end and the magical Christmas time is upon us and we could not be happier as we are going home this year! We are driving to Poland to see our families and the happiness we feel is overwhelming!

And how about you? Have you done all your Christmas cards? Are you travelling, or are you the organiser of the Christmas Eve at your house ?

Christmas in Poland is just different as we do get to have a full house of people where many generations meet. And that’s what makes it unique. Also the 12 dishes all cooked by my Mum, the sharing of the ‘oplatek’ and singing the carols with the family. This always gives us great memories and makes us emotional.

In the background there is a lot of other attractions in the town, people do still eat out and shop a lot. The New Year Eve Parties at various hotels and organized closed parties are a big thing. However because a vaste majortiy of the society are Catholics, there is this spiritual meaning to the whole celebration. We might live in the past, childhood memories a little as we don’t live in Poland day to day, but I still feel it’s not just about a massive party and presents. I do hope we can all sit in the living room and watch’ Kevin home alone’ again which I do every year and who knows maybe Rico and Teo will actually speak their minds at midnight 🙂

Below are some snapshots from last year’s celebration in UK and some new ones ahead of this year’s Christmas season!

Marry Christmas to all of you and amazing New Year 2018!!!

Marta & Przemek


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