I say Happy New Year on here with a delay and a relief to as I have ended 2017 with a horrible virus that’s been going around the neighbourhood, work etc. I have not had the chance to blog at all during the holiday as I was either in bed or just resting and spending time with the family. I was away in my homeland – Poland and it has been lovely to see everyone! There has been plenty of food as usual, the dogs were just a blast and played together until they were out of breath.

One of my main reflections that I bring over with me to this new year 2018 is that you should never say never and the saying that ‘ a wise man changes his mind, a fool never will’ certainly appeals to me greatly. Even tough I have a strong basis of outlook on the world generally and there are certain things and views that I will always be faithful to. Music and sport as a religion, believing in my God not in the church as an insitution, certain views are subject to change dependant on the life circumstances. Like becoming a vegan, or becoming pro – family or prefer dogs than cats. Our mind is constantly learning.

It’s amazing how quickly we can adapt and end up accepting what’s coming, and when it’s gone we change our attitude and view of thinking.  This is great in a way and can create life changing events and open paths we have had closed before, because we simply did not believe we could or wanted to pursue this direction.

Everything depends on your perspective which can be shaped by our culture while a the same time our life is shaped by our perspective to so it’s a mutual movement. More often than not, our beliefs and perspectives come from those we are in community with.  Our faith community, friendships, family, local and state community and country at large.  I think it is fair to assume that we all generally believe we have the ‘correct’ view on things, but are often blind to how our community has influenced our viewpoint.

Therefore unless you come across different perspectives than our own and start testing them to see if they are right, we may wrongly assume that our personal viewpoint is correct.

When visiting Poland, I only ensure myself how many mental and cultural differences there still are when dealing with people and being in places. This only raises more questions and makes me ask myself were our place on Earth is ? I certainly don’t think it’s in Poland or United Kingdom at the moment. We have created our own world here, our little reality, which we live in everyday. But this could be done at any latitude! So who knows, in the coming years the magical concept called time will show.

Anyway while we had the opportunity and will power to take some pics, here we all are during the very festive Xmas Time December 2017!!!

Last but not least when talking about plans for future and New Year resolutions. Somebody told me resolutions are lot of gibberish, so I like to have goals instead and tick them off as I go. So to explain I have bought a couple of books, which I love to do whenever I’m in Poland. This one’s title is ‘Hygge po polsku’ – by Iza Wojnowska and I’m dying to get to know this concept which in Norwegian term means ‘wellbeing’. The reviews are awesome, so I thought I will mention it in case somebody was looking for a good book to read.


In the end I’d like to say I shall live by the saying which merely explains my drive in whatever I do – “Passion is the movement towards a goal driven by the soul, it will not stop and it will not rest until that goal has been reached or surpassed”. – so I will be reaching everyday and hopefully time will let me do that. Good luck to you in 2018, I hope you will surpass yours.