There is something about January time that makes me have mixed feelings. On one hand there is plenty of room to start executing your new year resolutions, goals and plans for the rest of the year. Which gives a lot of hope and positive outlook. To have a fresh start and to be able to write all over a book of 365 pages is truly a blessing.

On the other hand these are the months when not much is happening. The weather is still cold and dark. People around suffer from viruses and generally January blues possibly connected to Christmas finishing, having to come back to work and deal with all the challenges all over again. This might feel daunting as you would have expected for things to change or improve, while not much has changed since last year and all the problems at work or open matters are still on the table.

I hated this time last year, as we have not seen our family and I was homesick and it was horrible. This year I said to myself I will make these months more colourful and ease myself into the New Year, especially that I haven’t been feeling 100% lately. So with having seen our closest ones, I’m starting the new 365 day book.

So my plan is to use my lovely new kitchen robot and waffle maker tools that I have been given from my Mum and my Mother in Law as they exactly know what things I need the most in life! 🙂 So I did that as after all it’s the Carnival when people should celebrate winter time!  In the kitchen we celebrate Fat Thursday in Poland by eating a lot of deep fried sweets such as paczki,  chrusty and racuchy and Pancake Day in UK. People also celebrate by going to parties and all sort of social events.

Hot chocolate

Aside from the little pleasures in the kitchen I want to develop the healthy eating and learn more about how to eat well and tasty. The below book –  Food Pharmacy by Iza Wojnowska looks great and there are definitely a few goods recipes to try out so I highly recommend it!


My plan is obviously to continue the gym and I am back playing volleyball which makes me really really happy! To add on to that I have great people to see and talk to, and you can’t beat a good conversation. All the lovely books to ‘consume’ and tick of the list as well as all the walks to take with Przemek and Rico! I think this is my recipe! Endorfins, good food and good energy!!

Photography is this sister of ours that comes to visit from time to time. Feeds my soul greatly so I stay open to that everyday and we take on any challenges in this area. It’s certainly looking interesting this year and I cannot wait to work with all the lovely people that come our way! By the way don’t hesitate and go and have a look at our work on 500px and FB

So do you know how to beat the January blues?

By balancing it all out and finding hygge in everything! I mentioned the ‘hygge’ concept in my previous post – you can read all about here. The idea of finding pleasure in the smallest things in our everyday life! The book has three chapters: Closeness of people and sharing moments, Senses by memories of the smell of clemetines or mint tea we find the happiness in our heart and Spontaneity in all the little events that happen thourought the day that make us smile and the life is easier and brighter stright away!


It’s about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. It is about being with the people we love, a feeling of home. While having your hygge moments, you may have deep conversations about anything in life or just be comfortable in each other’s silent company or simply just be alone by yourself enjoying your five minutes…






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