This gorgeous lady has celebrated her Birthday last weekend and what a night it was! We were invited to take some photos at the Slug and Lettuce in Plymouth at the Vault room! It seemed like a rather modest space sizewise at first but it happened to be so good and full of joy that it blew our mind!


We have also watched a ‘Fireman’ perform which has been a lot of fun and I must admit  we have never photographed anything like this before! The music, the screaming and the good vibes have been overwhelming!

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We had a blast and we are getting more and more used to the work/party photoshoots  which seem to be a perfect way of spending our time when shooting especially on a Saturday night! Bloom is this Thai beauty as you can see, so it wasn’t the most difficult to capture her glamour!  She looked truly beautiful and I hope the pictures do show it!


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The night has definitely been very feminine orientated and wild at the same time! The love nad happiness amongst this bunch was infinite, the room was full of love! They were all glowing and the girl power was preached all over the room! Girls rule the world!!!

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