I keep coming back to these two young women, who inspired the hell out of us! We have met with them a while back but it feels like it has only been a couple weeks ago. Since I opened this blog, I did not have the chance to share this photoshoot with the world of WordPress just yet, so here you are.

We have a truly warm spring Saturday today, not to hot, just perfect for weather in May which makes me really happy. This is what we love the most, the on location work, where you have the models, environment and the wind to work with!  This challenges us and makes us feel really fullfilled. Especially when you get to post processing after, and you find pictures that have really come together and created something you haven’t seen before.

We have shoot this at the Dartmoor Park just a few miles away from Plymouth and then moved on to do a more urban style at the Tamar Bridge.

So here they are, young, fashionable at the start of their womanhood, full of life and beauty! They exude women power, unity and emanate that its worth being yourself!

So girl, if you are reading this, it’s fine to be you, you are enough and you are worth it all!! xxx