This wedding has been a very unique one, and not only because it was a family wedding but simply because it was unique in itself. It has not been organized in a typical polish / stereotypical Christian way which usually involves a church and all the classic traditions around the ceremony etc ( if you wish to read more about a traditional polish wedding you have to read the Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Weddings ) instead it was outdoors and it was a civil wedding which means it wasn’t very devout but obviously legal and officially authorized by a registrar.


Anyhow, it was kind of nice as it added this ambience and taken away the formality of the ceremony and created a less conventional event which suited this couple, the surroundings and all the gathered guests very much.


The ceremony was accompanied by violins and cello playing with a friend of the bride and groom, who was humming idillically in the background, it was just beautiful.  The wedding and reception took place in the little village Runowo Krajenskie at the lovely Palac Runowo and the amazing renaissance style ruins from the 15th century where the couple vowed their ‘yes’ in front of the closest ones.



Przemek, the groom is a tv/theatre actor in Poland and some of the guests have also been familiars from television so this added on extra excitement and value to the crowds in a way. From a photographers point of view there is a certain degree of privacy required, which understandably is to protect their lifes and their family members from media and all sorts of gossip. And even tough we kept it really quiet the media used my private account on instagram and were really interested in the whole event writing about it on

IMG_20180722_102649_MG_0053_MG_0054The couple wasn’t really into a massive photoshoot outdoor, neither were they interested in any pre-wedding shots. So it was short and sweet. I have known them for a log time, nearly 15 years if not more, however our paths have gone separate ways since I left Poland an moved to UK. But there are  quite a few memories I cherish.

Paula, the bride has been a ‘witness’ at my wedding 5 years ago and we spent a lot of time when we were young girls, playing models and watching films on dvd. My first parties and nights out were with her by my side. She was this big sister I never had, so we kind of made a full circle here. No wonder I was a little bit emotional. I felt really happy to be there with them!


Familia x


Cheers! xxx