May I just start by saying how I loved photographing this lovely couple. They were so natural in front of the camera, that I hope it shows on the pictures. We just went for a walk one afternoon to the beautiful Plymbridge Woods in Plymouth.

It was the national so called ‘wet Monday‘ in Poland, which means that one way or another one has to celebrate the day using water. And we did but it wasn’t at all planned, as Boston decided to follow his little rubber toy down the river, where the stream has been so strong that he could not get out! So both Ewa and Waldi had to rescue him! Luckily everything had a happy ending and we ended up lauging about it.

Not only are they great dog lovers and we can relate in that, they are real kind and genuine people, whic seems quite rare nowadys.

We wish you all te best Guys ans see you soon xxx