Not so long ago we have met with this amazing girl for an urban photoshoot in the city centre of Plymouth. And OMG it was inspiring! It was meant to be a quick session, just before the weekend. It was a average Friday evening, and usually these are meant to be spent relaxing after hard week and preparing for the weekend. Instead we have managed to do this fashion / lifestyle randeZvous which was so much fun, feeding our souls with fresh ideas and hunch for more.

Anda is this natural beauty, with efortless fashion style, very tall, just stunning. So it was pure pleasure to discover the interesting buildings and sometimes their back yards and explore the city with our beautiful model.

I hope they make a good collection to look at and will make good memories for Anda, who will once look at them reminiscing Plymouth, as she explores the big world out there!

All the best Girl, I hope it all works out well for you xxx