This duet we have had a pleasure of doing a photoshoot of is pretty special. Lia is the sweetest little girl, always smiling, attentive and so beautifully timid. Buster with his awesome energy is almost her protector, strong but a gentle giant at the same time.

We have choosen to shoot at the Widey Woods, local Reserve literally round the corner from where we live. I love how we get to discover these beautiful places because of photography. That way we can travel around Devon and Cornwall to places that we would never ever get to see, if it wasn’t for te pictures we want to create.

We do some research beforeand, however the main driver is the style of our models and the amount of light and obviously the time of day. We love natural light, it is real, simple and allows us to concentrate on the subject and the location.

I gotta say, we are during best season of the year right now, the long summer evenings are my personal favarites. The sun does not set until 9pm, there are blooming flowers everywhere and there are plenty of opportunities for great captures.

Anyway, have a look for yourself Lia and Buster in the beautiful setting of this blooming forest….