We have met with this beautiful girl at the Barbican harbour in Plymouth. A spectacular place, oozing with history and heritage, where you can get the most amazing fish & chips and ice cream or just sit by te sea, sipping coffee and watch all the boat traffic on the Plymouth Sound!

It was a peaceful, summer evening, perfect for a spontaneous photoshoot by the sea. It was quite busy with the tourists, but we made it work and the energy was flowing nicely!

Jennifer is such an amazing model! The variety of poses that she has on offer and the fact that she is so relaxed in front of the camera, gave a lot of room to play and got our creativity going!

That way we had the possibility and time to think outside the box, which helped to focus on poses and captures that are more inventive and different in an artistic sense, which I absolutely loved!

I hope you enjoy!

All the best to you Jen, till the next time Girl xxx