This happens to be another one of those special sessions when I felt honoured and privileged to be able to do. We have known each other with Anita since primary school and I have not met a soul that’s more pure and gentle.

She’s an amazing woman and always kind to others. Anita brings back the fondest and simply the best of memories from school, volleyball pitches and takes me back to the best of times. So I felt even more motivated to try and create a memory, a photographic souvenir for her and Mariusz because they deserve all the best.

So here is the happy family of tree to be four, Maniek their temperamental lovely English bulldog, have managed to pose with them for a while.

The wole week was quite grim when it comes to weather, but it looks like we are kind of blessed with the wheater and that one day, the skies have opened after a very windy and wet day the night before.

The gorgeous park name Stanislawa Staszica in my hometown of Pila was just a glorious place ideal for a potoshoot full of light and autumnal colors.

All the best you Guys, fingers crossed for the little sweetheart baby of yours xxx


Marta and Przemek xxx