We had to stop here on our way back home one weekend. Buckland Abbey is this unique and ancient gem literally 6miles from our home. The area is just beautiful, however our camera has been dying, so we did not have much time.

I really wanted to capture the ferns as this time of the year they’re drying in preparation for winter.

So it got me thinking that nature is based on harmony and balance 🌿
So it says if we want to survive and become more like nature, then we actually have to understand that it’s cooperation and respect versus competition 💚

I mean we are so small, yet so badly significant in the whole chain. I say badly because we very often choose to compete with nature. Its discgraceful to say the least, that humans feel the courage and audacity to destroy fauna and flora. It makes me sad and ashamed of human race.

Why not instead try to respect Mother Nature and coexist. Afterall we are so dependant on her.

PS. Here are some interesting facts on ferms

° Ferns are very old organisms. They exist on the planet for nearly 400 million years.

° Some species of ferns are used in human diet.

° Ferns can absorb heavy metals from the air and soil.

° They can be used to prevent pollution or for the cleaning of already polluted areas.Ferns are able to absorb nitrogen from the air. Because of this feature, some farmers use ferns as natural fertilizers on the rice fields.

° Certain types of tree ferns are used as building materials…..

The deeper we look into nature, the more we recognize that it is full of life, and the more profoundly we know that all life is a secret and that we are united with all life that is in nature. … My life is full of meaning to me. The life around me must be full of significance to itself. (Albert Schweitzer, 1923.)